Why It’s Important For Businesses To Establish A Presence On The Internet

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Having an online presence today is a must. In fact, having a website and engaging people on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has become a normal part of doing business no matter what industry you are in. The internet has changed the way companies approach doing business. Just look at how things like marketing, generating leads, and communicating with your customers have changed over the past decade.

The reality is that you need to go where your customers are, and your customers are online. Even if you still generate a large portion of your sales offline, the internet is usually the first place that people go to check out your company. They go online to see if you have the products and services they want, they read reviews about your customer service, and use the internet to find your contact information or where you are located.

Failure to have a solid online presence automatically closes the door on a completely new market of customers that want to buy what you are selling.

Not convinced yet?

Here are a number of reasons what it is important for your business to establish a presence on the internet:

• Your competitors are online: Your direct competitors are online and if you are not they are cutting into potential sales by taking your customers.
• Around the clock sales: Selling products/services on your website allows you to be open all the time and provides your company will another place to sell.
• Manage online image: If you are not online then you have no control over your online image. Engaging in the conversation on your website and through social media will allow you to develop your company brand image online. Plus, your online presence can often create the illusion that your company is bigger than you actually are.
• Effective Customer Service: When you are online you have the ability to enhance your customer service efforts by engaging your customers and answering question in real time.
• Become an expert in your industry: Through your bespoke website design company , blog, and social media profiles, the internet makes it possible for your company to become a thought leader. Write articles, commentaries, reviews, and white papers to establish your company as an expert in your field.
• Customer Feedback: The internet is a great soundboard for finding out how your customers feel about your company. You can find out what their likes and dislikes and use this information to direct the focus of your business.
• Expand your reach: Having a website makes your company accessible around the world. Therefore, you will be able to reach markets and customers that you previously did not have access to.
• Stability: No matter where you move or if your contact information changes, your customers will always be able to find your website. This is a positive, especially if you are rapidly expanding.
• It’s expected: Whether you like it or not your customers, partners in business, stakeholders, and suppliers expect you to be online. It is part of doing business in today competitive landscape.

No matter what industry you are in there is a place for you online. And, if you are not online already, now is the time to build a website and start managing your online presence before others do it for you.


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