Types of Wedding Venues where you could get married

Planning a wedding is not an easy job and one of the most important things that is on the mind while you prepare to get married is a wedding venue. A proper wedding venue is quintessential for hosting the wedding according to various factors like your requirements, catering, where the reception would happen, rooms or guests, etc. The host should have a very clear idea as to what is it that the venue should have and what is it that you can skip.

In most of the cases the choice of the couple getting married or their parents take the call of selecting the venue based on whether they want the wedding to be extravagant by organising it in a resort or if they want a quiet and simple wedding at the temple or even in their own backyard. India is a country where weddings have become a huge event and the wedding season sees all resorts and hotels all across the country busy and booked. One of the grandest and prime wedding garden in gurgaon and other places are booked months or even a year before the actual wedding.

Some different wedding venues that one can choose from are:

  1. Place of Worship: When we talk about weddings in India, they are mostly conducted in the various places of worship like Church, Gurudwara, Mosque and Temples. Couples usually select them for the sole reason of being blessed by the gods and feel that the vows must be exchanged right in front of their God on this auspicious day.
  2. Banquet Halls: coming to little more posh side, the banquet halls are usually among the wedding venues where one dreams of having a fairy tale wedding. Magnificent interiors, Shiny floors and huge ceilings, Architecture that can be customised along with an efficient staff, and vendors that are in-house, the banquets usually have a great impact on the guests. This does not mean that they do not fit in everyone’s budget. Banquet halls of all sizes and prices can easily be found and booked, making it among the top picked venues for the wedding.
  3. Wedding Gardens: For a winter afternoon that is warm and cozy or autumn when the weather is just perfect couples love to select wedding gardens as their venue. The grandness and the pleasant atmosphere that a garden or lawn can offer is simply unmatched. It is perfect for a full day of entertainment with the guest. The outdoors can be lit up and huge decorations can be done as per the taste and budget. One more benefit is it could cater a large group of people. Parking issue very rarely is faced in such huge areas. Even though there are several wedding gardens all around but in case you plan to get married in Delhi NCR one should definitely look for best wedding garden in gurgaon as it has a huge variety.

Other popular selections could be Palace or a fort wedding, wedding arranged at a cruise, or something very humble your own home.

Depending upon you requirements you could easily get a venue that would make your special day even more special.

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