Turn Word Document Into PDF

Are you having problems understanding how to turn word document into PDF? Let me show you how easy it can be to convert your word document into a PDF file. Just follow the simple step by step process and in no time at all, you should have your first PDF file saved to your desk top and ready to upload into your hosting account.

Step 1: In order to turn word document into a PDF file you need to have some type of software that will allow you to convert your document into a PDF file.

There are tons of https://2pdf.com/convert-gif-to-pdf/ converters online and they all do the trick, but I’m going to recommend a software you can use for free. Go to your favorite search engine – Google search: type in – primo PDF Once you click search – a new page will open with several links to primo PDF. Click on the first one – It should read as follows: PDF Converter – #1 Free PDF Creator – PrimoPDF Once you click on it, a new window will open – Primo PDF website.

Step 2: Download your free PDF Converter.

Once your in Primo PDF you’ll have two options – You only need to use the free version, so make sure you click on the one that says: DOWNLOAD FREE – ( It’s to your top left hand corner in blue. ) Next click the DOWNLOAD button. a new window will appear – Click on Download Now button – ( top left Corner ) A new window will appear – Should read: FreewarePrimoPDF.exe – Click Save File button. Make sure and save your file to your desktop – Click Save – Perfect. It’s now saved on your desktop. Note: once you download something you need to install it.

Step 3: Install Primo PDF

Go to your desktop and search for Primo PDF Icon. Once you find it on your desk top – click on the primo PDF Icon – A new window will appear. Click Run button. ( Follow the easy to install instructions – Agree to all terms and conditions ) Success – We now have a PDF converter on our computer.

Step 4: Converting our document into a PDF file

Go to your words document – click to open you document of choice. You should now have an open word document in front of you. Next, in order to convert your document into a PDF, you need to do as follows.

Click on Print.

Note: Normally when you click on print, you normally print something on paper. However we now have the facility to print something electronically. This is how we convert something into a PDF file. You still go to print, but rather than printing normally, you would select your PDF converter instead. So lets continue. Once you click on the print button a new window will open.

Under Printer Name: you should have a drop down menu – Click on the dropdown menu and select Primo PDF – next click ok. A new window will appear – Go to save as: ( bottom left-hand corner ) Click the dropdown menu and select specific folder – A new window will appear – select desktop – Click ok. next, right under save as you’ll see Post Process: Do nothing – Leave as is. Click Create PDF.

Your new PDF file will be saved as the name of your original document. Step 5: Check your desktop for your PDF file Go to your desktop – click on your new PDF file. Success! You’ve just turned a word document into a PDF file.


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