Top Ten High Tech Features of Swimming Pools

Savvy homeowners want more than a pretty pool. They want an inspired backyard resort that delivers maximum pleasure with minimum effort-and lower ownership costs. That’s why it’s critical to learn about options for your new pool that can save time, money, water, and more.

“The pool industry offers a slew of cutting-edge features that automate pool care, save on utility costs, and provide swim-ready water without the typical chlorine costs, hassles, and hazards,” explains R’nelle Lazlo.

Many pool builders and contractors have experienced a sharp rise in consumer demand for these kinds of bells and whistles, says Lazlo. She recommends asking your Poolleiter, about “must-have” high-tech options and design features, including:

1. Dazzling LED and fiber-optic lighting that deliver more hours with lower energy costs and bathe your pool, spa, and water features in spectacular, changing colors.

2. Quartz interior pool finishes and pebble pools with enduring, fade- and stain-resistant color that outperforms old-fashioned plaster by resisting chips and mottling.

3. Economical ozone purification that drastically reduces the demand for chlorine to prevent red eyes, dry skin and hair, and harsh odors-all while ensuring remarkably clear, silky soft water.

4. Saltwater sanitizing systems that automatically generate a “kinder, gentler” form of chlorine that effectively ensures swimmer-friendly water without the hassles and hazards of traditional tablet and liquid chlorine.

5. Oversize cartridge filters that requires cleaning only once or twice each swim season, conserves water (since no backwashing is needed), and eliminates the need for special disposal of hazardous DE (diatomaceous earth) material.

6. Pool filters with built-in Microban product protection that inhibit the growth of microbes to keep filters fresher for longer periods of time.

7. Energy-efficient pool cleaners that help automate what was once a dreaded manual chore.

8. Two-speed controllers that manage the operation of pool cleaning and filtration systems-cutting energy costs as much as 50%.

9. Handheld remotes that put control in the palm of your hand-allowing you to operate multiple pool, spa, and backyard functions, including cleaning, lighting, water features, temperature, spa jets, landscape lighting, and more.

10. Total pool-management systems that take the fuss out of pool chemistry by continuously monitoring the chlorine and pH levels in the water and adjusting the levels as needed.


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