Top Five Mexican Restaurants In Norfolk, VA

Mexican Restaurants are famous for amazing dishes full of exquisite taste and flavor. One cannot resist trying Mexican dishes for once in their lifetime. Mexican restaurants have a unique feature of keeping their ambience similar to that of a Mexican gathering or festival.

Top five Mexican Restaurants in Norfolk va are:

  1. Lunar Maya:

One of the best Mexican Restaurants in Norfolk, VA, Lunar Maya is a causal Latin American eatery which serves authentic Mexican delights like fajitas, burritos and tacos to its customers. Moreover, the restaurant serves and specializes in Vegetarian dishes. One can find every type of Mexican dish which is prepared using fresh veggies and authentic Mexican spices. The menu also offers vegan food options for health conscious customers. The restaurant has full bar installed for serving alcoholic drinks and other Mexican delights like margaritas. Customer service is prompt and the staff is friendly towards the customers. Overall the vibes at the restaurant are friendly and welcoming to attract locals and tourists from far off places of the town.

  1. El Rey Taqueria:

The restaurant served the best tacos and burritos in town. Every dish prepared at the restaurant is completely authentic and is prepared using fresh ingredients and veggies. Red sauce served with main cuisines improves the overall flavor and taste of the dish. Customer service is great and the packing/takeaway service is fast.

  1. Jose Tequilas Mexican Grill and Bar:

It is the best Mexican restaurant offering an amazing experience to its customers. Great chefs with years of experience in preparation of Mexican cuisines work at the restaurant. Food is served using unique presentation skills by the staff.

Dishes and drinks served by the restaurant during happy hours are considered to be of great variety and flavor. Late night food is their specialty which proves to be an amazing experience with friends and family. Menu is extensive and overwhelming as the dishes offered are in great number and variety.

  1. Degollado Mexican Restaurant:

The restaurant is known for its customizable combo plates serving various Mexican dishes with drinks like tacos, enchiladas and margaritas. The combo dishes are priced reasonably and are not a burden on the wallet for the customers. Menu offers tremendous food selection and options at great prices. The restaurant also organizes tacos Wednesday where one can relish variety and unique types of Tacos at $ 1 served along with frozen Margaritas for $ 4.99. Hot tortilla chips served with bowl of chilli and beed dip are highly recommended.

  1. Jessy’s Taqueria:

One of the best Mexican Restaurant in Norfolk va, Jessy’s Taqueria provides a comfortable sitting arrangement and serves amazing Mexican delights in a colorful setting. The restaurant has an amazing vibe with basic but unique use of lighting and decorative materials. It is treated at the best Mexican Restaurant for relishing some authentic Mexican delights and cuisines. The restaurant also has an outdoor sitting arrangement for customers who want to enjoy tasty delights under the open stary sky. Restaurant has an extensive menu filled with exquisite drinks and dishes like fajitas, tacos, shrimp burritos etc. Out of all the dishes served at the restaurant, California burrito received best customer reviews.

Mexican food lovers must surely visit one of the above mentioned Mexican Restaurants Norfolk VA for an amazing Dining experience.

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