Top 5 Mexican Restaurants Spokane, Washington, USA

Mexican Restaurants are one of the most favorite restaurants which serve delicious delights and cuisines to customers in Spokane, Washington. People from far off places visit such restaurants in order to relish exotic Mexican dishes and drinks which are served using amazing presentation skills. Mexican restaurants employ experienced chefs who use authentic and traditional style of cooking. Many restaurant chains use their own homemade recipes to prepare the dishes. Moreover, Mexican dishes are incomplete without secret sauce which is prepared uniquely by every restaurant. Every restaurant has its own way of cooking and is rated accordingly.

Top 5 Mexican Restaurants Spokane Washington, USA are:

  1. Taqueria Fiesta Brava:

One of the highly rated Mexican restaurants in Spokane, Taqueria Fiesta Brava has an amazing vibe and ambiance. Customer service is prompt and price of the regular dishes are affordable. The restaurant serves authentic Mexican delights like tacos and burritos. According to customer reviews, fish tacos are the best dish served at the restaurant. Sitting arrangement is sufficient for a large family gathering. The owner is polite with the customers and tries to make sure every customer has a delightful time at the restaurant.

  1. Maracas Mexican grill:

The restaurant serves the best appetizers to its customers with large portion sizes. The restaurant offers a separate menu for kids which is full of healthy comfort food and drinks. Adults can choose from variety of beers and wine offered at the restaurant. Shredded beef with black beans and rice is chef’s specialty. The Ambiance at the restaurant is the best and cannot be duplicated by any other restaurant. Though small in size but overall is one of the best Mexican restaurants in town.

  1. Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant:

Mexican food prepared at the restaurant using authentic ingredients and fresh veggies make Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant one of the highly rated restaurants in Spokane, Washington. Chefs use their own homemade Mexican recipes for preparation of Mexican food and sauce. Mexican delights have an amazing taste which is a mix of spicy and tangy flavor. Chimichungas, staple Mexican delight, is prepared at the restaurant. The place serves delicious margarita and has great selection of beers. Staff is friendly and has a heartwarming attitude towards the customers.

  1. Gerardo’s Authentic Mexican Food:

One of best places for a quick Mexican bite and takeaway service, Gerardo’s Authentic Mexican Food is a small eatery where one can enjoy with their friends and family. The drive thru service also proves to be of great convenience for the customers. The restaurant offers some exciting Mexican delights like tacos, pastas and nachos with salsa. Staff is very helpful and gives valuable suggestions related to special dishes available at the restaurant. Arizona Burrito is one of the many types of burritos available at the food joint.

  1. QDOBA Mexican Eats:

The only place in Spokane where one can get guaranteed genuine Mexican cuisines like Quesadillas and Tortilla soup. 3 layered cheese Queso and Nachos is their all time favorite dish. It is the only restaurant which gives a choice to its customers regarding the style used for serving the dish.

One must visit one of the above listed Mexican restaurants in Spokane in order to get hands on experience of the Mexican flavor and taste.

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