The Other Side of the Coin

I am an incredible admirer of truth and appreciate investigating new and creative points of view and rising ideas, nonetheless, I am hearing a similar side of the coin being communicated again and again nowadays.

This reoccurring subject originates from numerous incredible analysts and informants who are doing the unpleasant, and once in a while life-endangering, occupation of uncovering reality behind the loathsome plans of the worldwide forces that-be, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is one that requirements to come out to the mass degree of our aggregate cognizance so as to make ready for valid and enduring change.

Regardless of whether it is the US government, corporate voracity managed by mystery plots, strict authoritative opinion or even the genuine ‘back story’ of the Annunaki, as well as Reptilian races that are holding us detainees on our own planet; it’s nothing new communicated as humankind being the casualties in the dread based control worldview. What’s more, it generally incorporates inside it a basic message of opposition, which is another type of articulation for the dualistic mental cerebrum battling one more war that it can’t win.

While I trust it is of commensurate significance to comprehend our actual history so we can more readily explore our way to the future, and not the least of which to wake up to the present, there is the tricky component of something a lot greater here that many are missing; and that is seeing this dramatization we’ve called life on Planet Earth from the opposite side of the coin master free spins.

License me some scope while I represent my own reoccurring hypothesis, and that is this inquiry; imagine a scenario in which it truly isn’t humankind that is being held hostage on our own planet, utilized as slaves and relinquished in ceremonial war games, however willing co-makers. I accept that we are as much the instructors in the game, as we are the understudies, and substantially less the detainees most at present see.

From the ‘Instructor’s Role’ viewpoint, I accept that Humanity is really educating these savage, yet profoundly developed creatures, some significant exercises of their own…and that is to advance from their present need to benefit from the vitality of our dread, into waking their own hearts to cherish. What’s more, exactly consider the possibility that, from their point of view, and in spite of their last and urgent endeavors to keep up their authority over us with their dread delivering strategies, as they watch us wake to our own actual godlikeness, that their own Hearts are additionally stirred all the while.

From the ‘Understudy’s Role’ point of view, I accept that we have consented to assume the casualty’s job through the most extraordinary of conditions so as to wake ourselves from the profound rest we’ve fallen into, for a long time. What’s more, the game turns out to be incidentally evident when you begin to perceive the signs, as the fact of the matter is constantly covered up on display, you simply must be focusing so as to see it. I additionally accept that the guidelines of the game require reality to be uncovered before we need to settle on our decision, so we’ve generally had the chance and bit of leeway on our side, anyway we’ve kept on playing the game and be workers to our lords until all was good and well, and that time is currently.

I’m recommending that we have readily occupied with the round of life (as we’ve known it) so we could wake ourselves up to our considerably more prominent selves at this very point in time. On the off chance that you comprehend that we are boundless makers, completely mindful of the ‘master plan’ (when we are not occupying a physical body), at that point we are on a way that we have deliberately made so as to hoist and develop the human species to a higher vibration and recurrence of presence.

At the point when you see the truth about the game, at that point there is no game to play and the place of cards that has been recently seen basically falls on all levels. On a vigorous level we are awakening to who we really are, as celestial makers and incredible creatures of light now fit for converging into our multidimensional selves and making a world that most can’t yet envision. On a physical level, the façade is falling endlessly at an exponentially expanding pace, as the malicious doings of our alleged rulers become known and makes them run for wellbeing to their homes off planet, just as underground urban areas in order to escape our retribution, just as enduring the birth agonies of Earth’s rise into the New World.

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