The Best Online Marketing Resolutions

It’s 2015 and it is more than safe to say that we are in an increasingly technological age. From social media to Google to smart phones, we have safely reached a point where life without technology, instant connection and the ability to do whatever we want, at our fingertips seems completely unimaginable.

For businesses whether you’re a one man band operating from your home, a small team placed in the local high street or a large corporation with offices throughout the country; you know that in order to reach today’s consumer you have to be online.

It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago the notion of online marketing seemed like a fad and businesses had convinced themselves that SEO, Social Media Marketing and even PPC were never really needed. Luckily businesses are now aware of just how important a clever online marketing strategy is; after-all with so many of the worlds consumers able to access the internet and inclined to head online to search for a product and/or service, for a business recommendation or to immediately make a purchase, not being online wouldn’t exactly do a business any favours!

With a new year well underway there are a number of businesses who have several aims for their business, aims that they may not be able to so easily reach without quality torrez market darknet . Although there’s no way that I could guarantee success, my years of experience in the word of online marketing has helped me get together a few points that will hopefully help you to make this year, a success.

Forget the diet fads, the new exercises and anything else; if there are any new year’s resolutions worth having, it’s these below!


    • Consistency – Of all people, I know how easy it can be to lose focus on certain things that might not seem as important. From your blog to your social media marketing strategy, when you have a million and one things to deal with it is easy to let these things fall to the bottom of your list! Try and make this New Year different however by being consistent in your approach. This isn’t to say that you need to stay glued to your company Facebook page and churn our blog content every day of the week; set realistic targets (blog once a month and post on social accounts twice a week) and stick to these. Once you’ve managed to maintain consistency you will soon find that tasks that always fell to the bottom of the list come easily.
    • Don’t Say No – I’ve come across a lot of business owners and their staff members who dismiss blog writing because they simply aren’t writers and have nothing to talk about. Quality content is as important to online marketing as cheese is to a pizza; without it, you aren’t really sure what you have and you can bet nobody else will give it a second glance too! there is no science to writing good content, just consider your customers and look at what you achieve; did you just help a customer find a product? Did you solve a tricky query or come across something amazing, then why not write about it? As long as your writing something of value and something that your customers will be able to deem as useful then you have nothing to worry about. Don’t neglect online content!
  • Don’t Push it – You know what I really hate? Sales pitches! Online marketing is a fantastic way to reach new customers and expand your sales but this in no way means that you need to take to social media and start telling your audience how they cannot survive without your product and it definitely doesn’t mean writing content that screams “buy me now!” sales pitches are a fantastic way to lose customers, fast! Your audience is smarter and now with so many businesses online, they want a brand that talks to them, relates to them and becomes somewhat of a familiar face. Nobody has ever liked a salesman pushing a product in their face, it never works! Stick to offering information of value and talk to your social followers and site visitors as people, not as a potential sale!


A new year is a fantastic new start for everyone and for those in business; it’s a great way to change the path you may be on. Whatever size your business, embrace a new attitude to online marketing, increase your focus on certain areas and get make this year, one to remember for all the right reasons!

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