The Best Beaches and Vacation Rentals in Florida

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As the spring break arrives, people from all over the United States leave their homes and head to the beaches to enjoy the water, sand and the sun. Florida is considered a great destination by many, because of the perfect weather and the abundance of gorgeous beaches. These are 5 great Florida beaches you should check out.

Siesta Key beach finishes every year among the best beaches in the United States. Siesta Key is an 8 mile long barrier island surrounded by water, located just off Sarasota. This beach has a particularly fine and white sand, that feels refreshing on the skin. It is made 99% out of quartz, so it is great to play in. Siesta Key is a great spot to spend your weekend, and there are regular flights to Tampa and Sarasota, the two closest cities.

Clearwater beach can be found on the west coast of Florida, west of Tampa. It is a great place to spend a week with your family, because of its fun atmosphere and large scale of activities for any ages and tastes. The water is very calm, and one can take long walks along the pretty beach. The beach can be accessed easily: you have to take a plane to Tampa or St. Petersburg.

About 45 minutes from Orlando there is the 23-mile Daytona Beach, where you can enjoy your vacation together with your family and friends. This a great place for those who prefer the Atlantic Ocean instead of the Gulf of Mexico. Daytona Beach today is ideal for family travel, and there are plenty of fun activities to choose from, so your kids will love it.

Miami Beach is particularly popular during the spring break. College students from all around the country come here to Redwood City party rentals, but families with kids will also love this place. You will never get bored down at South Beach and Miami. Actually, it may be more difficult to find a peaceful and quiet place, so if you are looking for a secluded beach, Miami is not for you.

Marco Island can be found on the west coast of the Florida peninsula, just south of Naples. Marco Island is the largest of Florida’s famous Ten Thousand Islands, and is a hot getaway for beach goers. This is a great place for those who don’t like the lively noise of Daytona Beach and Miami. The water is refreshing and the beach is pretty. This is the perfect getaway for those who want to get away from the hustle ad bustle of other, more crowded beaches.


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