Seven Proven Ways to Improve Your Website Traffic

In this article I will tell you how to get a great traffic and a high PR for your website without paying much. Perhaps you might know many of the listed ways but I will tell you about the details that are little known and also will give you the websites that will be useful in search for the goal.

1. Submit your website into free directories

Many people feel that placing their website in as many directories as possible is a good thing. Rather you should be paying attention to the most visited directories that have a high PR. This is a great start to promoting your website. There are lots of Submission Services available on the Internet, give the task of promoting your site to them. Do not be attracted by the huge amount of directories – the most important are high-quality directories. Good Submission Service to consider is

2. Submit an article for the popular articles directories

Write an article about a subject that you know and that you feel may be interested to visitors. Provide the link to website into the body of your article. Do not put in more than three links. Be sure that the links are to different pages of your ufabet เว็บหลัก for maximum exposure. Unfortunately it is unlikely that only one article will have the desire effect. Write some more articles and link them together. This type of network, made from your articles, will become a good source of traffic for your website. Here are several links to the some of the most popular articles directories that you can submit to:,, and

3. Enlist the help of blog owners to write articles for you

Some people don’t feel they are qualified to write articles, so they enlist the help of blog owners to do so for them. For a minimal price they will not only write articles that will link to your website, but they will also post it on their blogs. You should choose blogs that not only have high traffic but that is somewhat close in nature to what your website is about. An interesting article will then be copies to other blogs, which is an excellent way to get more traffic to your site.

4. Put interesting things in your website for visitors

Try and put interesting things in your website for visitors such as free images, icons, templates, pictures, software, beautiful post cards etc. If you have nothing to offer, you can always just create your own blog on your website and share information that you find interesting. This will also help to increase traffic to your website.

5. Join and become a user/submitter of forums

Choose several popular forums that deal with the same material as your website to join and become a participator of them. Try and post comments on them on a regular bases. The sites are easy to find, just type enter the subject of your website plus the word “Forum” to find ones that you may be interested in joining. Be sure not to spam the forums with your site, link to it only if/when it can be useful for the target audience. Once you have posted a number of quality posts, it will be OK to provide links to your website in your signature. That way all of your posts will include the link. You may also register several accounts on a forum using different emails. This will allow you to create needed threads and hold interesting debates on the forum which in turn will attract visitors to your website. Two examples of popular forums are: and

6. Use social network websites to promote your website

Using various social network websites is a very effective way to greatly increase the readership of your website. There is a lot of information/hints about various social network websites, and I will probably write an article about it in the future, but for now, I will give you the basic details about what to do. Some of the most popular social network websites are,,, and All you have to do is register, start adding new friends and posting interesting news articles and links to various websites. Do not spam your website because you can easily be banned by the administration of these websites due to their Terms of Use. The posting ratio, in terms of your own site, should never be more than 1 to 7 in relation to other sites. Always review your friends list and make sure they are active users who are always willing to support you and vote for your submissions. Of course, you should be doing the same with theirs.

In case the subject matter of your website that needs traffic is of commercial character and is not that popular you can go a different way. On the same website create a new blog and share interesting material that have at least slight relation to the subject matter of your website. Post these materials (the posts of your blog) on the social network websites. The result of a successful work in social network websites is thousands and thousands of visitors a day to your website.

7. Sometimes the methods listed above is not enough to achieve a convincing success. First of all this relates to the websites that have a narrow commercial line with a great competition. I will tell you about one of professional methods of SEO optimizers in fundamental traffic improvement for the commercial projects. The main point of this method is making your website the TOP in search engines like Google and Yahoo. This is possible because they create series of websites that are close in subject to the main website it is linked to.

This is actually a two stage process:

Stage A: Creating a website Network with minimal spending

Each website should have unique content and design. They should be complete websites with the same subject matter as yours. The best place to buy domain names is at It is the most trustworthy registrar for the most reasonable prices. An added bonus is that you can also buy hosting there. offers you high quality, moderate hosting for an unlimited number of websites.

Of course, the basis of any Website is a good, free, high quality template. An excellent place to find CSS templates is at These templates are available free of charge to both individuals as well as commercial Websites on the condition that the author’s link is included in the footer of the Web page. You should try and create a new Website every 1-2 weeks.

Do the same as in listed above paragraphs with every new website.


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