Repairing Windows XP

Any individual who has ever claimed a PC running Windows XP realizes that in the long run your PC will back off, and quit working as it did when it was new. Presently you could go out a spend a few hundred dollars to purchase a glossy new machine, however risks are you have all that you have to make your old PC work like new!

For this procedure you will require a Windows XP working circle, Home, Pro, or Media Center contingent upon what you have introduced now. To effortlessly discover what you have introduced hold down the Windows key on your console, at that point strike the Pause/Break key, which will spring up a window mentioning to you what is right now introduced on your framework.

Since you have found the working framework plate that accompanied your PC, or if nothing else have a duplicate of the Windows 10 แท้ form you have introduced, it’s an ideal opportunity to get the chance to work. The first, and maybe most confused thing, is to check your frameworks BIOS to guarantee that it is booting from the CD ROM drive first. On the off chance that none of this bodes well don’t stress to much simply adhere to these guidelines.

Mood killer you framework totally, at that point betray, and keeping in mind that it is booting up search for the words, “hit F2 to enter arrangement”. Every framework is marginally unique so your machine may state to hit an alternate F key, however regardless strike the F key your framework needs to enter arrangement, and you will be taken to the BIOS menu here and there called the “Profiles Setup Utility”.

When you have gotten to the BIOS menu you are searching for something that identifies with the framework boot request. Utilize your bolt keys to peruse around, and you should discover a menu called “Boot” or comparable. Select this menu, and afterward change the request that the framework boots. The request may as of now be set to boot to CD-ROM first, and on the off chance that it is extraordinary, yet on the off chance that not than basically move the CD-ROM drive to the highest priority on the rundown and you’re finished. Presently exit out of the BIOS by choosing exit, or comparative, and leave making a point to utilize the choice the “leave sparing changes”.

Since your framework is set to boot from the CD-ROM drive first, essentially put your Windows XP plate into the CD drive, and mood killer your framework once more. Presently walk out on, with the CD in the drive, and pause. Your framework will request that you “press any key to boot from CD”, at that point press any key. You will be given a blue screen declaring Windows Setup. After arrangement stacks the essential drivers you will be given three choices. What you need to do is fix a fix so strike R. At that point adhere to the on screen directions to finish the Windows XP fix!

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