Market America Review – The Online Super Mall

market america

What Is Market America?

In business since 1992 Market America is a network marketing company that promotes convenient online shopping. It is essentially an online “Super Mall” making online shopping at big name stores extremely convenient and providing cash-back on purchases. This is attractive.

Market America is partnering with the major big-name companies, to market their products world-wide. When you purchase through Market America you get cash back on your purchases from familiar stores. That’s probably more than you’re getting right now!

Major stores like Home Depot and Walmart are among the growing list of 3,500 partner stores of Market America, carrying all the biggest brand name products world-wide. In doing so, the company provides consumers an endless variety of products in what can be described as a “Super Mall at their finger tips”. The variety and convenience offered in this format is far greater than any traditional shopping method. This Super Mall concept has made Market America one of the largest online shopping portals on the world-wide web.

One attractive feature of the market america portal is that the consumer can do quick comparison shopping. If you know what product you want to buy, you can put in the product name and you will get a list of the stores carrying the product and immediately compare prices. It’s a quick and simple way to compare prices. In addition, people WILL share their savings information with family and friends, so purchasing grows exponentially.

In addition to its current customer base, Market America’s acquisition of has allowed the company to funnel thousands of new and existing customers through their system on an ongoing monthly basis. This acquisition will likely place the company in the top 10 online retailers world-wide and growth appears ready to explode. This merger will allow Market America to utilize’s proven systems and customer base while combining the UnFranchise network marketing business model into the mix. The company is expected to rival sites like, and with the power of online network marketing, there is no doubt they will be a strong competitor.

The “UnFranchise” Opportunity

You can also become a Market America “UnFranchise” owner. The concept of the “UnFranchise” is simple. You can purchase an online “UnFranchise” business with all the benefits of a regular franchise but without the huge costs and financial risks. Your business would promote big name companies like Market America and its partner stores (i.e. Home Depot, Walmart, Toys”R”Us etc.) and all their well-known brand products for a small fee. It has all the benefits of a franchise as there is a standardized, reproducible system in place. This is an essential part of all the successful franchises in the world. The system is also supported by an experienced team that will guide the “UnFranchise” owner through the entire process.

Costs to start an “UnFranchise” range from $650-$1000. This low-cost opportunity to start a business is phenomenal, when you consider the costs of starting traditional businesses and other franchises are hundreds of thousands of dollars, all carrying tremendous financial risk. If you need further convincing, inquire at McDonalds, Wendy’s, or Subway to verify the huge costs involved in starting one of these franchises.

With a Market America “UnFranchise” you will be leveraging technology to take advantage of the huge online sales potential of the world -wide -web. UnFranchise business owners get credits for sales through business volume (BV) and incentive business volume (IBV) from their purchases and all of their down-lines purchases. These credits accumulate exponentially as sales from your down-lines increase and shopping sales grow. The nicest feature is that they accumulate forever! Imagine getting un-ending revenues for helping the big stores sell their products, forever!

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