Labradoodle Dogs – Allergies and Shedding?

Contrary to popular opinion, people do not have allergies to dog’s hair. People are actually allergic to a protein that is shed from the surface of the dog’s skin. When a dog begins shedding, it spreads the protein into the air which in turn causes an allergic reaction to dogs for some people. So if you are looking for a dog that has low or non-shedding, you should really consider the Labradoodle for your perfect home pet. (If you have Saliva Allergies you will react to any dog.) Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular because they are the best dog for someone that has allergies but has always wanted the opportunity to own a dog.

DoubleDoodles Colorado are very dependable, lovable, playful, intelligent, and allergy-friendly pets. The breeding of Labradoodles began in Australia sometime in 1988 or 1989. It all started with a woman in Hawaii that was visually impaired. She needed a guide dog, but her husband had severe allergies to dogs. Upon her request, she began her search for an allergy free, non shedding dog. Over a two year period she was sent roughly thirty Poodle hairs and saliva samples to test for allergy friendliness on her husband. Unfortunately, none of these samples proved successful.

Upon these unfortunate failures, a man named Wally Conren suggested the Australian Guide Dog Association to cross breed a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Finally, approval was granted to cross breed these two quality dog breeds. In the first litter there were only three puppies, and Wally gave them the name we all use today as Labradoodle. The hair and saliva samples were sent to Hawaii to also be tested. These test proved remarkably successful. Afterward, Mr. Conren, bred a Labradoodle to another Labradoodle, and called them Double Doodles. But Mr. Conren did not stop there. He crossed the Double Doodles and then called those puppies Tri Doodles. The Tri Doodles finally because what we call today a Multi-Generational or Multi-Gen Labradoodle.

Labradoodles have a very unique coat which in turn typically causes them to have little not body odor. They are not your typical dog. They rarely require bathing. I give my Labradoodles a bath about once a week and that is not because they stink. That is normally because that have went out and rolled in the mud. That is the only way that my 3 babies have ever really needed a bath. You also rarely have an attraction for fleas. I have but once seen a flea on any of my Labradoodles. Not having an odor or attracting fleas is a great type of dog for any potential dog owner.

Labradoodles are an ideal pet for asthma or allergy sufferers. My husband, Justin, has asthma and he has never once had a problem with the dogs being in the house 24/7. Because Labradoodles have a more wool or mostly fleece coat, they rarely shed. Even though they rarely shed its still good to get them groomed at least twice a year.

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