How to Choose Perfect Shipping Box for Products Delivery

It is not important to put all the focus on the quality and quantity of the products but the whole task that increases the total worth of the company is the way a brand represents the product in the market and among the customers.

E-commerce has taken over the market and there is no way that it is slowing down. For online brands and companies, it is important to ship the products safely to their customers in the most presentable way, which is possible with the innovations in the packaging industry as custom shipping box can fully be personalized in terms of shapes, sizes, strength, and designing. Here come the shipping boxes to the rescue.

Shipping Boxes:

The boxes that are used to send the products or anything from one place to the other are called shipping boxes. These boxes are made up of cardboard, the most common of them.

Types of Shipping Boxes:

There are a different kind of shipping boxes that are fabricated according to the need of the customers and the type of the product it has been made for. These boxes vary on the strength, thickness, and price of the boxes that are available in the market.

  1. Folding boxes
  2. Rigid boxes
  3. Corrugated boxes
  4. Full overlap boxes
  5. Regular slot container boxes
  6. Mailer boxes

It is not important to stick to a single box for every type of product. In fact it is necessary for the companies to select the right box for their products accordingly.

Advantages of Choosing the right Box for Shipping:

Choosing the right box to deliver your product to your customers is important in various ways like;

  • Provide protection from damage during shipping or handling
  • Creates a stronger brand image
  • Reinforces the brand
  • Create a bond between the customers and the company
  • Secure packaging reduces the returns which increase the profitability
  • Positive impact on the bottom line

Choose the perfect Shipping Box

Understand your product

The main purpose of shipping boxes is to keep the products safe during the delivery and to do that it is important to understand the type of your product. These questions will let you know about what type of box you need that will fulfil its purpose to the fullest.

  • Is the product delicate or robust?
  • How many shocks it can endure?
  • Does it perishable or not?
  • What is the cost of your product?

It is important to keep the cost factor in mind as you must not want to spend more on the packaging than the cost of the product itself.

Strong & sturdy

Custom boxes allow customers to choose the strength of the box which is the benefit that plays an important part in getting the right box. A robust product has different requirements than a delicate one. The products that do not need more protection can be packed in normal boxes and most of the effort and money can be spent on better appearance and vice versa for the delicate ones. Corrugated shipping box is the strongest, non-collapsible and highly graphics friendly box in the market that create a positive and worthy image of the brand among customers.

Perfect sizes

Companies give the least importance to the size of a box not knowing that plays an important role in setting a permanent image of the brand in customers’ mind. As people know the options they understand that it is not hard for the companies to get custom boxes. The over-sized box gives a negative impact, false depiction of the product, and there are a lot of chances that the product may get damaged because of not being in place. Choose the box that perfectly fit the product and hold it in one place.


Some products need more than a box to be kept safe from the damage. There is always a possibility that a product may get damaged if it is fragile. Instead of trusting the claims of the courier company that they offer complete safety choose the inner cushioning if needed.


It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the environment we live in as non-ecofriendly packaging as already a lot of irreversible damage to nature. Cardboard boxes are highly eco-friendly, bio-degradable and recyclable. This factor also works as a positive point for the companies to create a positive image of the brand.

Outside of the box

Besides the protection, the most important thing to keep under consideration is what image you are depicting to your customers. It is important to keep the customers happy and satisfied along with letting them know that you are offering something that is of value. Customization of shipping boxes in terms of designs, company name, logo, patterns or prints that represent the product and the brand entices customers and make them feel valued.

Get your boxes decorated in pretty patterns, and intricate logo, unique colours, and laminations or foiling that increases the worth of the brand and excitement of the customers. Printed Shipping Box never fails to leave an everlasting positive first impression.

Inside of the box

As much as the outside of the box matter, inside does too. It increases the extra worth of the company. to make customers unboxing experience worth the wait it is important to get something printed on the box like your company logo, hashtags, thank you a message, a funkier logo, multi-coloured print, bold patterns, or anything that makes extravagant.

Such little gestures create a long term friendly relationship between the company because of the distinction in the packaging and the effort a brand puts in making customers experience better. Always keep the main purpose of the box in mind whether it’s a huge or flat shipping box and go with the flow to enhance the appearance of it by custom designing and here you have a perfect box that will not only keep your product safe but also help in marketing and advertising of the brand.

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