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More people own cell phones than personal computers, and they carry them around. A lot of people on Instagram receive tweets on their cell. These three reasons alone should be enough to get every musician, songwriter and anybody looking to gain themselves some serious popularity taking a serious look at what Instagram can do for you.

When people ask my opinion on promoting their band or general music career, the number one question is, “How do we get people to our website, Facebook page, blog, comprar seguidores teste grĂ¡tis

My answer nowadays is always the same, don’t ask them to come, take your music to the people.

Musicians can get free followers on Instagram with much less effort than trying to compete in a crammed internet marketplace, and also use it as a tool to generate huge amounts of website hits and Facebook fans.

Other things about using Instagram marketing for musicians that I like include:

  • It’s easy to sign up and create a superb profile.
  • People that have Instagram on their cell want information,and want it instantly.
  • Instagram has an advanced search facility that allows you to very quickly target masses of potential followers within your musical niche.This is a huge time-saving tool when used correctly.
  • A worldwide following can easily be gained. This allows you to market yourself and your merchandise 24 hours a day.
  • Once you have gained a large following, any promotion is instantly picked up by followers.
  • Pictures and Graphics can be easily uploaded.
  • There are advantageous resources that musicians can use such as record label directories.
  • You can share tracks for free, giving people an instant idea as to what you’re about.
  • You can upload sample tracks of material you are working on to make people feel connected with you.
  • You can follow other musicians in your chosen niche, find out what’s hot and where the action is in real-time and act on it.
  • Perception is reality in today’s fast-moving global music industry, the more popular you look then the chances of you becoming very popular increase dramatically.
  • Imagine how much easier it would be to negotiate a deal with a record label or merchandising supplier, talk to a venue about playing live or supporting a sizeable act, or any aspect of negotiation about selling yourself when you can show a large following on Buy followers free trial, especially when you have encouraged a good percentage of these followers to your other sites and interested them enough to download tracks and purchase merchandise.

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