Facial Scar Treatments

The natural process of healing of a wound is by turning into a scar. These scars specifically the facial scars could be due to different forms of injuries, burns, surgeries or even acne. One thing to remember here is that your face is constantly exposed to the sun, dirt and the environment and any type of scar would take a longer time to heal. When we speak of the face unlike the parts of the body which can be covered and protected this is most of the times open. The good news here is that there are several ways that you could deal with them. Oils, creams, gels are all available specific to your face scar. One could also buy scar reducing Soap when looking to treat the facial scars.

  1. Dermabrasion: One of the most commonly used method and also the most effective method which is used for treatment of facial scars. Even though you may have bought kits from the store that perform this treatment but the best dermabrasion is only performed by dermatologists, making the use of a wheel or a wire brush that is used for exfoliating the top most layer of the skin. Apart from the benefits some of the problems that one may face with this treatment are :
  • infection
  • skin darkening
  • uneven skin tone
  • swelling and redness
  1. Chemical peels: Another commonly used method these days is Chemical peeling. In this method some form of mild acid is applied to the top layer of the skin, which causes this layer to exfoliate and then get rubbed off, and this then reveals a new and fresh layer of skin. These peels can be of 3 types-
  • Deep Peel: This peel uses Phenol and gets deeper in the skin, thereby is the most commonly used for scars.
  • Medium peel: This one is used for anti ageing properties since it has glycolic acid in it. This peel can also be used for discoloration.
  • Superficial peel: As the name suggests this is a mild peel that works on superficial level. It has mild effects on discoloration caused due to scars.
  1. Laser resurfacing : Just like the dermabrasion and chemical peel even laser resurfacing aims at removing the topmost layer. In this method no acids or tools are used rather high-powered type laser beam is used for skin removal. The different types are Carbon dioxide and erbium. Even though erbium may be considered as the safest method but it is carbon dioxide which is the most effective. The one point that you might have to consider here is that it is only when you are wearing a bandage , that you can leave the doctor’s office.

Home Remedies: One of the most affordable and less invasive methods to treat facial scars comes from one’s own kitchen or your medicine cabinet. Some of these are under:

  • Bleaching kits: Easily available at home or even sold over counter.
  • Petroleum jelly: It is the hydrating property of petroleum jelly that prevents the scar from spoiling.
  • Honey: Helps in reducing infection and redness.

So, you could pick up an over the counter products like the best scar Soap or even go for bigger treatments like laser or surgery, depending upon the complexity of the scar. 

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