Energy Costs and Economic Recovery Go Hand in Hand – How Soon We Forgeteth

Okay so, everyone is sketchy on the prospects of a Double Dip in our economy, and let’s be honest the Obama Administration botched the stimulus, similar to the Bush Administration botched those first few weeks as the troops went into Baghdad after they’d done an awesome job executing the war up until then. Not long ago, I was discussing the potential of a double dip or elongated recession, or even the possibility of entering a depression. We discussed the historical economic calamities of the past 100-years.

He stated; “It seems kinda like our economic recovery, I don’t think that it is really happening, you can manipulate the numbers to look better but eventually there will be a day of reckoning.”

Yes, and he is correct, the Obama Administration is trying to put a terrific spin on the so-called recession, and putting a positive spin on the hockey mom’s lipstick it seems. You know not a lot of people are talking about this but energy is a HUGE component in economic recovery. Energy matters, it is paramount, consider if you will that it has caused wars, conflict, recessions, prolonged recoveries, and helped fueled expansion periods, it is a very serious component.

Right now many states are showing increased unemployment, and state governments need money so bad they are about to go broke paying unemployment insurance. Now, they are willing to tax fuel and increase gasoline taxes to pay for it, justifying it using Global Warming reasoning. That’s just going to screw up everything.

Cap and Trade will crush light manufacturing, component making in the US, and hurt large manufacturers who have to get ALL their components from the “factory floor” aka China. And we have a President who promises to tax and regulate coal out of business? Are you kidding me that is 62.8% of our energy production? What, you are going to shut down America to appease the folks in Belgium for their global warming theory and then pay China, and Germany for solar cells? How on Earth does that help the USA? It doesn’t just like Kyoto was a trick to steal US production and economic flows.

You know, the older I grow the more I appreciate the efforts of the folks that get together in Northern CA periodically in the Redwood Forest to deal with this crap behind the scenes. Everyone has to be on the same page to make this happen, without energy “Houston, we have a bigger problem!”

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