Discover What Your Staff’s Bosskeys Mask!

Maybe you are very familiar with the following circumstance: when you plan to talk with one of your employees about his ragged performance on work recently and approach to his seat, he will swiftly press one key or a mouse shortcut of his computer. You will only see an opened working file on his computer screen when you reach, and also you will find no matter how many times you get to his seat, his work file will never be changed. What happened? As we all know, he is goofing around over the working time by using boss key.

Just as the situation above implies, the boss key is actually a keyboard shortcut for people to quickly hide some interfaces and switch the screen to a predefined “boss” workplace by restoring and minimizing or switching applications into background. The purpose of boss key is to make it appear to superiors and coworkers that an employee is doing his or her job, when they are actually playing games or using the Internet for workplace performance mask PFE.

At present, the utilizing of boss key almost covers all the offices even some under-monitoring ones. Why are they so disrespect for their work and salary, or further speaking, their lives? We all know one of the reasons is the low efficiency of employees’ self-discipline. However, can we deny that the poor supervision and control of the superiors leads it into a larger extent?

Of course, the “supervision and control” here is neither occasional inspection nor allover watchdogs. They spend and cost too much and will probably avail nothing. What we need is an effective, intensive and inexpensive monitoring software in your office computers. If you are using PCs, it’s a small cake, you can find many employee monitoring software for PC like Awosoft Imonitor EAM.

But if you are a Mac lover, the choices of safe and clean monitoring software will be a sharp decline. Fortunately, there is still trustworthy monitoring software for Mac such as Aobo Mac Keylogger. With such mac keylogger software, you can secretly get all the information that your employees typed on their computers. Therefore, the remote and accurate supervision to your staff becomes simple. What’s better, it is not expensive. Due to these smart helpers, boss keys have nowhere to go.

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