Clarins Hydra Care Tinted Moisturizer – An Ultimate Package

гидра онион

Clarins Hydra-Care Tinted Moisturizer provides hydration to the skin. It bestows a glossy facial appearance. It helps in improving a smooth skin quality and rejuvenates the innate sparkle of the skin. This cream provides a screen against the hurtful ultra violet rays emitted by sun with a Sun Protection Factor 6. This tinted moisturizer consists of very light foundation. It puts in a little shade to go with your skin colour. It has a extremely light weight and does not leave the skin slippery. You can have the advantage of a daylight moisturizer with a superior skin texture. It reduces the crumples, and slight blemishes. It provides a natural glow to the skin with sun defense.

This amazing product guards the skin against harmful pollutants and free radicals that are released due to various chemical processes. These radicals break the cell walls and smash up the cells causing ageing of skin. It rewards a natural appearance to your skin when applied on face.

This moisturizer is an ultimate package consisting of essential cell extracts of sea origin that invigorate, reinstate, and help in protecting the skin from radicals. These extracts are lipophilic as they dissolve easily in oils and fats. The cell extracts of vegetal origin give гидра онион, revamp the splendor of skin and give tightness. These are hydrophilic in nature as they dissolve in water and substances of similar type. Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex used in this lotion preserves the skin from ultra violet rays of sun and external polluting agents. Echinacea helps in skin renewal, and fights against skin infection and irritation. Horsetail gives a supple and silky texture to the skin. It also helps in enhancing the tissues and also used as an astringent on the skin. Mallow gives a relaxing and freshening effect on the skin. Sea Fennel used in the cream brightens the skin. It cools the skin and helps in revival of skin cells. The pigment correctors used hide and mask the defects in skin. It’s an ideal conceal for circles underneath eyes, stretch marks, spots and pockmarks.

This product can be used daily for a gorgeous skin. Cleanse the face before its application. It should be applied lightly on the face and neck region. It covers red spots, pimples, marks thus acting as a camouflage. It comes in two tones, “bisque” and “gold” giving you options to select any of these tints suitable to your skin colour.


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