Causes And Solution To Hairfall In People Nowadays

Many activities of human are effecting the environment. It is not only trouble the nature but it is also giving its effect on all the living things present on the earth. There is rise in many skin and health related problems in humans. Even this has led to increase in many major problems like cancer. But some of the very common problems that we have seen in people now a days dandruff, hair fall and more grey hairs. These problems are not only suffered by the adults but also by children as well.

So the causes of hair fall apart from pollution are listed below:

  • Family history: it is very common cause of hair fall in many people. It is a fact that if a person has hair loss as heredity condition he or she may have same pattern baldness. It usually causes with the age. This problem is hard to cure but various hair treatment is available that will help in recovery.
  • Hormonal changes: hair fall also occur due to hormonal change in the body. Usually it is seen in females that after their menopause they have some type of hormonal change in their body that causes hair fall.
  • Medication and supplements: hair fall can also cause because of some medication. It is possible that the salts of the medicine do not suit the person that’s why it is causing hair fall. Another reason is the supplements that now a days people take in order to gain weight or lose weight. These supplements also have many side effects. One of them is hair fall.
  • Radiation to the body: if the person takes any type of radiation in body that also causes hair fall. Mostly the radiations are taken by the patients of cancer. They go through the chemo therapy that has side effects and hair fall is one of them.
  • Stress level: today everyone’s life is very busy and hectic as well so the stress level has also increased very much. This increased stress level has many effects on the body and also causes hair fall. As the brain cells have to go beyond their level that weakens the grip of hairs from the scalp.
  • Certain hair treatments: there are many hair treatments becoming common in the market these days in order to make the hairs less frizzy and more smooth. These treatments also result in hair fall.

To solve the problem of hair fall many shampoos are available in the market. One of the best suited shampoo is ketomac shampoo. Ketomac shampoo composition is ketoconazole that is good for the hair problems. This shampoo also prevents the hairs from dandruff, oily scalp and irritation. This helps in weakening the cell membrane that allows the fungal interaction with the scalp. Even ketomac creams are also available in the market that are antifungal creams which helps in protecting the skin from any microorganism interaction with the skin. This shampoo can be bought from physical stores as well as online from various websites. There are also special offers available on this product which makes it a affordable good quality shampoo.  Ketomac shampoo ingredients are scalp friendly and does not have any side effect on it. It is one of the best solution for the hair related problems.

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