Benefits of LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting


First let me start by defining what an LED light bulb is.  The LED light bulb is actually a cluster of individual units.  These clusters produce light, different combinations gives us different colors.  This lighting falls in a category call SSL (Solid State Lighting).  Simply put, light seen is emitted from a solid object rather than a vacuum or a gas.  LEDs are lights that convert electricity into light.  They have a special circuit that uses less energy and lasts longer than a regular light bulb.  They often have reflectors to enhance their lighting capacity.

Now on to the benefits:

Energy efficient: The LED bulbs burn very cool, much different from the incandescent that burn 98% of their energy as heat. LED consumes less power, as much as 90% less than the incandescent bulb. This reduces the amount of amps used to keep them running so it doesn’t pull as much electricity to use them.  LEDs use one quarter of the amount of energy that a regular bulb uses so this makes them extremely economical to use. With the price of electricity rising LEDs are becoming increasingly popular for residential use.

Long life: LED’s can last up to 100,000 hours in some cases but a more practical estimate would be 50,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs usually last somewhere around 1,000 hours and incandescent run approximately 10,000 hours. LED bulbs will last over 20 years before needing replaced where an incandescent bulb usually needs to be replacing within one year.

Durability: LED lights are resistant to heat, cold, and shock.

2CL2FM can be used for under cabinet light, reading lamps, wet bar area, bathrooms, studys and closets, desks and any other location where extra light is needed. A new product on the market by Illuminetrix, Inc. now provides these LEDs that are extremely easy to install, with just a pair of scissors! Right now, Illuminetrix, Inc. is working on an LED bulb replacement for recessed lighting. The one drawback to LED lights is the cost, that is why Illuminetrix, Inc. is happy to inform you that they now have an under cabinet LED lighting system that is cost effective. Yes, that’s right they are affordable. Illuminetrix, Inc. has built their company to continue to bring you LEDs that are cost effective in the future too!

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