Becoming a Bartender – Beer Service

The most widely accepted temperature for serving beer is forty degrees Fahrenheit. This may vary by a few degrees in some bars, but not enough to affect the basic taste or quality.

To accomplish this, your beer cooler should be set at thirty-six to thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit so that a serving temperature of forty degrees is assured when the beer is served and drank. Some bars set their cooler at a lower temperature to speed cooling. The only problem with this is if beer remains in the cooler and becomes too cold, it may explode out when it’s opened. Adjust the control setting periodically to correspond to seasonal changes so that proper temperature is kept.

Opening bottles and cans

Rough handling can cause beer to gush over when it’s opened. Other causes of gushing are too low a temperature, and old beer, which is caused by not properly rotation stock. When opening bottled beer with a wall-type opener, hold the bottle up at the should-not down at the bottom. This will prevent unnecessary agitation and gushing. Change bottle openers at regular intervals to prevent chipping and cracking of the bottle necks. Reasonable care in removing the cap will also prevent damage to the bottle neck.


The pleasing brewery-fresh aroma and taste can be fully enjoyed only when beer is properly poured in to the glass. Cerveja should be poured to produce a nice head, or collar, of foam. Place the neck of the bottle, or the lip of the can., over the edge of a sparkling “beer clean” glass. Quickly raise the bottom of the bottle or can to high angle, causing the beer to gurgle and agitate in to the glass until a fine dense-textured head is created. Then, lower the bottom of the bottle or can, reducing the flow of beer into the glass until the foam rises to the rim.

Be sure that the bottle or can is clean and dry on the outside and us a “beer clean” glass. Open the bottle or can in your customer’s sight, and ask if he’d like his beer poured. If he prefers to pour his own, don’t hesitate to give a friendly hint about how it should be done.


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