Advantages of Web Development for Micro Websites

Everyone in the web development industry is talking about micro websites these days. If you’re not in the know about this new movement in web development, it’s time to get yourself up to speed with what micro sites are, and why they are increasingly becoming a popular choice for companies wishing to target specific demographics with a particular product or service.

Just as the name suggests, a micro site is a website, just a very small one. Often micro ufabet เว็บหลัก consist of only one or two pages. They do not need any more pages than that because they are linked to a parent website and may act as a key word targeted landing page for it in some cases.

Micro websites have become a popular area of web development because of the searching habits of internet users. Because they are designed to focus on only one key idea, product, service, event, contest or special offer, micro sites contain a limited amount of content that is easily scanned by search engines and users alike. If developed with the appropriate key word density, micro websites can prove a great advantage for any online marketing campaign.

Some of the key advantages of including micro websites in your next web development venture include:

    • Being able to re-brand and separately market a particular aspect of your business. By dedicating more of your web development activities to this particular product or element of your business you can give it an extra promotional boost.


    • Enabling your business to expand into different areas without having to prepare an entirely new main website. Micro websites may assist in experimenting with new lines of business that you are not yet entirely sure you will commit to in the long term.


    • Being able to entice a specific set of visitors who will be interested in this single product or service, but not necessarily the whole company. Web development features such as games, animations, polls and quizzes might be used on a micro website to attract a younger audience that may not be attracted to the main site, for example.


    • Establishing a new website quickly, according to the demand of a marketing campaign. No matter how complicated the features and applications your web development team have devised, they will still be more quickly created on a website of so small a scale.


  • Being able to target search engine optimisation strategies more specifically. By spending some of your web development budget on creating micro websites, you will be able to dominate more of the key-word rich URLs than is possible with one single website. Although the URL of each micro website will be no more than one or two key words in length, the amount of micro sites means that multiple key word phrases can be targeted simultaneously.


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