Behind Closed Doors Interview With “The King of Pot” Bruce Perlowin on the Hemp Network Pre-Launch

I recently had the opportunity to speak with “The King of Pot” Bruce Perlowin about the April 20, 2010 launch of The Hemp Network, a new Network Marketing company that has recently begun to take the industry by storm.

Perlowin is the CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc (OTC: MJNA) which he co-founded along with Don Steinberg in March 2009.

MJNA is the first publicly traded company in the Medical Marijuana industry.

Deemed by the media as “The King of Pot”, Perlowin, 59, is featured in CNBC’s documentary “Marijuana Inc.”CTFO

“Marijuana Inc.” is the most watched show in CNBC’s history and has re-aired 114 times in 14 months.

The focus of our conversation was the 4/20/2010 “soft launch,” of The Hemp Network, his past in the industry and his vision for the future. He told me the demand for hemp products, not just marijuana or medical marijuana, is a staggering $50 billion a year.

Perlowin claims “medical marijuana” to be “the most highly searched keyword term in Google,” and that people who use hemp products are passionate about hemp and believe that it can save the world.

The most prolific marijuana smuggler in US West Coast history, Perlowin spent 9 years in prison for his crimes. He confesses to know all of the problems in the industry, as well as all of the solutions.

Perlowin’s experience certainly makes him a top authority on the industry, and a top advocate for it.

“Solutions for the industry”, Perlowin says, are what Medical Marijuana Inc. and The Hemp Network are all about.

Some of those solutions include:

– -creation of a tax-remittance card which allows vendors to pay taxes automatically on a daily basis, which removes cash from the system entirely, which helps with:

– bringing vendors into compliance with the U.S. Government’s request to get cash out of the system by converting all purchases to credit cards, which then will:

-assist governments in getting their money quickly, since many, including California, are in an economic meltdown

-a inventory control tracking software system for quality control throughout the industry, ease the government’s concern about possible contamination of products introduced to the marketplace, “a closed-looped system from seed to sale.”

-public education about current compliance and taxation regulations through seminars, symposiums and expositions.

-reduction on U.S dependence on foreign oil due to the bio-fuel properties of hemp cefto

-reduction of massive deforestation with alternative hemp paper products



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